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    Posted: May 24, 2012 | by | Filed under: Uncategorized |Permalink

     If even the mention of creating art gives you shivers up and down your spine because you think that you are not an “artist” and “can’t even draw a straight line,” then creating art using fabric surface design techniques may be for you.  It is even possible that these techniques will give you the wings to set your inner artist free.

    Variety of Techniques for Surface Design

    Fabric surface design encompasses a wide variety of techniques for altering the surface of fabric, whether it is cotton, silk, wool or a synthetic fabric.   There is something for everything and everyone.  Altered fabric surfaces can be accomplished by any of the following techniques, either individually or in combinations:

    • stitching, either by machine or hand
    • painting on fabric
    • dyeing fabric
    • printing on fabric
    • using heat transfer paints or crayons
    • adding color, pattern and design with paint sticks
    • removing the color from already dyed fabrics with a decolourant
    • layering different types of fabrics, as in a fabric collage
    • waxing
    • burning an image into the fabric to create a design or to reveal the layers underneath
    • rusting fabric
    • using various transfer mediums and transfer papers to transfer an image to fabric
    • digitally printing on fabric
    • felting onto a surface
    • using a resist such as beeswax, soy wax or a water-based resist to separate colors and to create a design
    • embellishing with beads, crystals, buttons, charms, fibers and other found objects

    This is a just a tiny glimpse into the world of fabric surface design and all of its possibilities – a little teaser of things to come as we explore this exciting world.

    Painting on Fabric

    For today, let’s just explore some of the options that you have if you decide you would like to create a piece of fabric art by painting on fabric.  Painting on fabric is one of the easiest and fastest ways to alter the surface of fabric.  There are so many ways to apply the paint that you don’t need to be able to draw the proverbial “straight line.”   Chances are you already have some of the paints that can be used on fabric, such as specially manufactured fabric paints, acrylic paints, puff paints and other dimensional paints, silk paints and heat transfer paints, to name just a few.

    The paints come in a variety of finishes:

    • matte
    • metallic
    • iridescent
    • neon
    • transparent
    • opaque

    Sometimes the acrylic paints will “change the hand” of the fabric, i.e., make it stiff.  If this is an issue, there are fabric mediums that can be added to the paints to help retain the “hand” of the fabric.

    For right now, you don’t have to go out and buy any special fabrics.  If you have fabrics such as a tightly- woven quality cotton, silk or even a synthetic fabric, they will work.  If you are not using fabrics that are specially manufactured without any finishes (i.e., already prepared for dyeing), then it is best to pre-wash and iron the fabric.

    When you are deciding on the color of the paint you are going to use, you need to take into consideration whether you will be painting on fabric that is a solid color, white, black, or maybe even an already printed commercial fabric.  You want to use a color that will show up against the background.

    Methods for Applying Paint to Fabric

    The various ways of painting on fabric is another whole discussion.  Some possibilities, just to name a few are:

    • paint it on with a brush to cover a portion of the surface, or maybe even the entire surface
    • apply it to a rubber or carved wood stamp with a sponge and then stamp the fabric
    • draw designs with fabric markers
    • make a mono print
    • stencil an image, using either a commercial one or one that you have made
    • silk screen the image
    • apply it with a brayer
    • apply it with a sponge
    • apply it with a credit card or other found object to create a design

    When you are creating art on fabric, you are telling a story, regardless of the fabric surface design techniques or products being used.  The techniques and mediums you use should enhance that story for your fabric art to be successful.  Don’t worry too much now about how to do it right.  Just get out there and do it!  It’s your story.

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    Stef Francis Texture Selection, Braided Silk, Chizimi Thread restocks

    Posted: September 8, 2011 | by | Filed under: Info |Permalink

    Stef Francis Texture Selection

    The colorful Stef Francis Texture Selection skeins and Medium Braided Silk skeins have been restocked. We have also received a new shipment of the very popular Chizimi Shrinking Thread.

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    Stef Francis Creative Kits & Mulberry Bark Packs restocked

    Posted: September 1, 2011 | by | Filed under: Info |Permalink

    Stef Francis Creative Kit - Floral Fantasia

    We just updated the site with restocks of the Stef Francis Creative Kits. We have Floral Fantasia (pictured above) which includes hand dyed background fabric, full skeins of space-dyed thread, beads, sequins, mock shisha mirror and embroidered surround, flower templates, wadding, tracing paper, self erasing pen, and metallic thread.

    Stef Francis Creative Kit - Indian Sunflower

    The Indian Sunflower Kit includes colored background fabric, metal foil, Indian lace, silk organza, space-dyed threads, beads and sequins.

    Stef Francis Creative Kit - Harlequin Necklace Kit

    The Harlequin Necklace Kit includes dyed silk cocoons and carrier rods, full skeins of dyed threads/yarn, stuffing yarn, beads, sequins, and needles.

    All kits include full instructions.

    Stef Francis Experimental Pack - Mulberry Bark

    Also restocked are the Stef Francis Experimental Pack – Mulberry Bark. Each pack includes about 3 pieces of dyed, natural and/or bleached mulberry bark in a potluck mix.

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    We will be closed Aug. 15 – Aug. 21

    Posted: August 12, 2011 | by | Filed under: Info |Permalink

    I’m closing down for a few days while I help my son get off to college and to spend some time with the family. I wish I could say I had an exotic vacation lined up, but not this year! Anyway, orders placed this weekend will ship Monday morning. Orders placed between 8/15 and 8/21 will ship in the order they were received starting 8/22. Thanks!

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    Save 6% on your order through Wed Aug 10

    Posted: August 9, 2011 | by | Filed under: Info |Permalink

    We’re having a sale! Save 6% on your order when you use the code NoseDive6

    Want to get notice of our sales and specials? Sign up for our newsletter. We promise not to spam you or share your email with anyone, ever.

    *6% off in stock items only, not valid on shipping, tax or previous orders. Code must be used for discount.

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    Down Under Textiles Issue 5

    Posted: August 8, 2011 | by | Filed under: Uncategorized |Permalink

    Down Under Textiles Issue 5

    Down Under Textiles Issue 5 is here! This issue’s highlights include:

    • Sheer Delight by Fiona Hammond
    • Taking Lutradur to the Third Dimension with Susan Pietsch
    • African Painting by Dijanne Cevaal
    • Melding Landscapes with Marie-Therese Wisniowski
    • Lollipop Scarf by Felicity Clarke
    • Block Printing with Homemade Blocks by Diane Groenewegen
    • Art Elements & Principles with Neroli Henderson
    • Decrease your Yarn Stash Scarf by Gill Brooks
    • and very much more….

    Get yours today!

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