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  • Colorful Silk Thrums, Sari Yarn, Sari Strips Bags & Hemp Yarn

    Posted: June 29, 2011 | by | Filed under: New |Permalink

    Silk Thrums Recycled Sari Fiber

    New today! Silk thrums are fringy remnants left over from the sari making process. They often have a selvedge of sari fabric at the edge and the remaining warp threads of filament silk in the center, and are twisted into a skein for easy handling. Use them in felting, fusing, doll making… have fun! Thrums come in a bag of assorted sizes and colors, each bag is about 3.5 ounces.

    Uncarded Recycled Silk Sari Yarn

    Our new Uncarded Recycled Silk Yarn is also made from Sari remnants and fiber. It is a substantial yarn, thick and firm and very colorful with bits of metallics peppered in the mix. It comes in skeins of 100 grams (approximately 30 yards).

    Cut Sari Strips Bag

    Our Cut Sari Strips Bags are back in stock! They are bags of approximately 4.5 ounces of silk sari fabric strips. Similar to our Sari Ribbon Pieces Bags, but with chunkier pieces of sari silk (hope you’re not too confused). They are very popular and very versatile!

    Hand-spun Hemp Yarn

    We also have Hand-spun Hemp Yarn, for using in mixed media projects, altered book closures, crochet, knitting, macrame. It’s firm texture makes fabulous knots, and will soften with repeated washings (makes great wash cloths). It comes in a 100 gram ball (approximately 205 yards).

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